The First Inhumans Trailer is Here and It Looks...Terrible

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From the moment that Marvel decided to scrap its plans for an Inhumans movie in favor of an ABC television series, I was concerned. Those concerns intensified when I saw the first official picture of the Inhuman royal family and Medusa’s questionable wig. Now that the first Inhumans trailer has dropped, I can confidently say that the show looks like it’s going to be a mess.

In Marvel’s comics, the Inhumans have always been—for lack of a better phrase—extra as hell. They’re a family of superhumans with insane, freakish powers who, depending on which story you’re reading, are either living in secret on Earth or fighting in intergalactic wars. Put simply, their stories tend to be extremely melodramatic.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means that adapting Inhumans for live action television is something of a daunting task requiring a deft writing hand and a sizable special effects budget. Judging from the looks of the trailer, though, a lot of that is going to be missing from the show. Case in point: not once does Medusa’s hair so much as curl in anticipation for a fight when she’s attacked by traitorous guards and the first time we see Black Bolt sort of use his powers...well it looks like he’s dealing with massive indigestion. To be fair, Lockjaw’s pretty cute in it.


Have a look for yourself.