The First Piece of Google Chrome's Conversational Future Is in Place

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The first crazy leaps into a Star Trek future just showed up in the latest stable build of Chrome. As of now, "Conversational Search" has now rolled out, which means that Chrome can now remember what you're searching for if you ask a couple of questions in a row.


Like Google demoed at I/O, the search engine can now basically keep track of pronouns. So if you search. "Who is Daniel Craig?" and then ask "How tall is he?" it'll still know who you're talking about with help from the Knowledge Graph. All you have to do is have Chrome up to date. If you've opted in to Google's Search Trial, there are other goodies awaiting to. For instance, you can just ask Google "What's going on today" and get a list of calendar events.


The big feature, being able to just say "OK, Google" to initiate search, hasn't rolled out quite yet, but it should be coming very soon. Everything else seems to be in place though. How awesome it is just depends on how self-conscious you are about asking your stupid questions out-loud. [Android Central via The Verge]

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At the very least, it needs a trigger button in the Chrome tool or address bars.

Too bad she doesn't know who you are the way Siri does. "Who am I?" gives a rather lame response.

Still, her response to "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck..." is more satisfying the Siri's rejoinder.