The First Real Push Twitter Apps for iPhone: iTweetReply and Boxcar

iTwitter had push notifications for mentions and direct messages, but only from other iTwitter users. You've now got two options for real Twitter push notifications if you're dying for them: iTweetReply and Boxcar. Updated.


iTweetReply is a full-blown regular Twitter app for $2, though it's not the prettiest or most feature-packed—except for the push notifications for mentions and direct messages. Boxcar, on the other hand, works with the Twitter app you already use—when you get a push notification of a mention or DM, it'll open your favorite Twitter app. Interestingly, it costs more than iTweetReply, at $2.99.

Since DMs go to me as text messages, I don't need push enough rightthissecond to shell out another $3 on top of the money I've already shelled out Twitter apps. They'll get around to it. [iTweetReply (iTunes), Boxcar - Thanks Marsala]

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