The five stages everyone goes through when they watch a Marvel movie

Because days have passed and like, people breathed air, another Marvel movie is releasing. This one is a big one—Avengers!—but let’s be honest, all Marvel movies are pretty much the same at this point. Good superheroes, weird bad guys, crazy action, a little light fun and an after credits scene. It’s the same formula over and over.


When will we realize it? Hopefully not anytime soon because the movies are still fun but every comic book fan totally goes through the same stages when watching a Marvel movie. HISHE and Only Leigh sum it up:

  1. Fanboying/Fangirling - telling people you’ve watched all the teasers and trailers and material you can to get super excited
  2. Anticipation - that awesome moment when you see the Marvel Studios opening credits
  3. Nitpicking - where your comic book knowledge clashes with your eyeballs
  4. Amnesia - the movie was awesome!
  5. After Credits - smugly understanding an inside joke

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My stages
Stage 1: “What was this movie about again/ whose this hero”
Stage 2: “That would never happen.”
Stage 3: “That’s a lot of dead innocent bystanders/ peace keepers/ service members”
Stage 4: Hey, is it ending?
Stage 5: Okay, now it’s ending