The Force Awakens' Crossguard Lightsaber Has Nothing On These DIY Toys

Ah, remember the heady days of November 2014 when everyone was freaking out about Kylo Ren's swish new Lightsaber? Well, Hasbro recently announced a new line of Star Wars toys that will let you make Lightsabers that are a hell of a lot more crazy than Ren's wee little lightsaber crossguard.

The new series of toys is called 'Bladebuilders', and is based around a $50 'Master set' that comes with a set of connectors, a normal lightsaber and two 'light daggers' (almost like the shoto lightsabers of the old EU. There'll be other lightsabers based on the ones used by Obi-Wan, Luke, Yoda, Anakin and Vader that are compatible with the modular line, either as light and sound extendible lightsabers or even in foam versions. But the real madness begins when you combine a bunch of them together using the connectors to create some truly bizarre light-weapons, like the double-bladed light-trident in the header picture. You could even use that cross connector to make a four bladed lightsaber that, if real, would be incredibly likely to dismembered yourself the moment you turned it on, let alone any foe you came across. Here's a picture of the connectors included in the master set:


Wait, I'm sorry, is that a goddamn set of brass knuckles that you can attach lightsaber blades to!? WHY THE HELL ISN'T THAT IN THE MOVIES!? That's the exact kind of awesome dumb shit that Star Wars thrives on. Amazing.

The Bladebuilder toys will be available later this year, just in time for the inevitable deluge of Star Wars merchandise ahead of Episode VII.

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