Watch the Futurama intro sequence made with Simpsons characters

Today's Simpsons-Futurama crossover episode brought us many good things. Some fun gags, some much-needed self-deprecation, evil Bart-gremlin hybrids that taste delicious, lots of Bender (or not enough), and the best of all: The Futurama intro made with Simpsons characters and sung by Homer.

Update: A reader asks if this final gag gives a hint that The Simpsons will end in 2017. I have my doubts. The plaque on the statue says 2006-2017. If it were 1989-2017, I think that would be the case. More probably this is just saying that Ralph Wiggum—one of the kids in Lisa's class and the son of Police Chief Wiggum—will die in 2017.


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