The Gadget Wars, Who Won/Lost Last Week?

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Every week is a battle. And while in the gadget world there is seldom a good TKO or even the traditional flaming body slam off the top ropes, every week is a battle for the consumer mind and the consumer heart. So here's our version of what went down last week.

+ Apple
Apple's Leopard. Pretty good we hear. And yes, we've heard a lot about it. Apple might have almost no computer market share compared to Dell and HP, but the small loyalty seems to have been justified this week...


- HD DVD, Blu-ray and Us
HD DVD brags that they've had the biggest hi-def disc launch of all time with Transformers, right before Blu-ray reports that they are actually outselling HD DVD movies by nearly 2-to-1 in the US. But with as low as both sides' overall sales figures are, any company currently "winning" this format war is at about the same place as the ant who just "won" a stale pile of dog crap for the colony.

= Pear Cable
Let's say you are a company who charges $7,250 for some speaker wire. Then let's say you won't supply said $7,250 speaker wire for a test—run by you—comparing your own wires with another brand. Then let's say you are Pear Cable and all of this actually happened.


Usually when a company is called out on their own BS, it hurts their stock big time. But since we always knew that Pear Cable was completely full of it, the company really had no lower to go.



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Mark Wilson

@Cleverboy: Ironically, your mock numbers are almost dead on to a recent estimate. Thanks for playing.