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The GameBoy Explodes All Over this Beautiful T-Shirt

Illustration for article titled The GameBoy Explodes All Over this Beautiful T-Shirt

Just when I think I'm done with t-shirts, they pull me back in. And Exploded GameBoy by gamepaused is just enough to thwart my vision for a respectable wardrobe for a little longer.


I haven't disassembled a GameBoy as of late, but the deconstruction appears anatomically correct, even making room for the screw holes embedded in the plastic case. The pea under my fashion mattress, however, is that logo on the battery. Something about ".net" just leaves the taste of free trade show shirt in my mouth. $23. [gamepaused via GoNintendo]

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i always try to convince my boss to let me do exploded views of mechanical assemblies. i just really like them, for some reason.