The Gizmodo vs. Deadspin iPhone Repair Contest: If It Ain't Fixed, Break It

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Seems like everyone's carrying around a battle-scarred iPhone 4 these days—after all, they're made of glass. This is news to our jocky sister-site, Deadspin—they're convinced that their jocky readers break their phones worse than the Giz Gang does. Bullshit.

They may be playing NBA Jam all day, all sweatypawed from a lunchtime handball sesh, but they probably also have their phones swaddled in Otterboxes and holstered in NFL-themed cases while we remain staunch iPhone nudists. So whose phones take the most punishment? Let's find out.


Email a picture of your fuxored-up-but-still-functional 'Phone to or upload it to our Facebook page, and you could win all the parts necessary to fix it*. And who's going to decide which phone is the most awesomely trashed? iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, who has seen more trashed iPhones than the Genius Bar at the Bartertown Apple Store.

We'll announce the winner next Thursday, July 14 2011, at 1:30PM Gizmodo Standard Time.

CLARIFICATION: Your phone has to work to qualify, so please make sure to photograph your phone while it's *on.* Thanks!


Fine Print:
*We can't guarantee that your phone can be fixed, but we'll do our best.


Standard Gawker Media Contest Rules Apply, void where prohibited, prohibited where void, voidhibited where pro.

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There is an easier solution...get an Android phone. More features, better phones, less breaks. HTC if you are still confused as to which brand to buy.