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The gods demand blood, in epic new Immortals art

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tarsem Singh's epic "war of the gods" film Immortals isn't all running and jumping and chest waxing. No, there's also lots of bright red mortal blood spilled! Take a look at the carnage, in an exclusive video and preview pages from the movie's graphic novel tie-in.

Archaia rounded up the artists and writers to speak about why they wanted to contribute to the graphic novel Immortals: Gods and Heroes based on Tarsem Singh's movie. The book itself is a collection of stories written by Brian Clevinger, F.J. DeSanto, Paul Tobin, David Gallaher, Justin Gray, Jock, Ron Marz, Jim McCann, Ben McCool, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Jeff Parker. They're illustrated by Dennis Calero, Kevin Colden, Steve Ellis, Trevor Hairsine, Scott Hampton, Phil Hester, Jock, Rafael Kayanan, Patrick Scherberger, and Ben Templesmith (the cover was created by David Mack).

Immortals: Gods and Heroes is divided into two sections, "Gods" and "Heroes." Even though this book isn't technically a prequel to Tarsem Singh's film, all of the events do happen before the movie begins.


The book will be available in stores on October 4th. Now check out a few preview pages we're presenting exclusively at io9.

Also, at the end of this film, there's a code to unlock a hidden image from the graphic novel, and enter to win a limited-edition signed Giclee print over at I Am Rogue!