The Great New iPad National Network Speed Test

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High five: You got your shiny new iPad. Look at that display! Switch some browser tabs and feel the power of that extra RAM. Yeeeeah. Oh, did you get a 4G LTE model? So fast!


But how fast? Was it worth the upgrade? Is your home speed better than your office speed? Is your speed better than your friend's speed? Get downloadin' with our iPad 4G LTE speed test and let us know how it performs compared to your previous handset. Faster is better.

But please, turn off Wi-Fi, and make sure you're entering your correct iPad model and carrier.

Note: this test uses ~30 megabytes of data,
and may take over 5 minutes on slower 3G connections

If you see this message,
an error has occured.
Please be patient, we will be right back...

Please make sure Wi-Fi is disabled before starting the speedtest.

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Would it be possible for you to display the sample sizes for each 'bar' on the graph? Are we looking at cumulative data for 3 users? 30 users? 1000 users? That really makes a difference on the averages. For instance, if 100 iPad2 users participated but you are comparing that to only 2 newPad users, then that's not a good comparison.

Also, I know this isn't a well controlled scientific experiment or anything but geographic location also matters in this test. Some areas have horrible data availability/speeds.