The Greatest Eulogy of All Time For a Broadway Legend

Elaine Stritch passed away today at the age of 89. While the Broadway legend had decades of iconic live performances under her belt, tonight's a good time to celebrate her life on the small screen: As Colleen Donaghy in 30 Rock with a eulogy—The Greatest Eulogy of All Time—written and delivered by her onscreen son, Jack.

They went head-to-head for years in the series, and she stole every episode she appeared in while providing a tough-old-broad foil to Alec Baldwin's full-of-himself-yet-still-cowed-by-her executive. But their true love showed through in small touches of tenderness throughout. In season 7, she finally passes away in My Whole Life is Thunder, and Jack goes deep with an epic remembrance that includes a flute solo, Paul McCartney and the Harlem Boys Choir, Kermit the Frog, and, eventually, a very bizarre wedding.


Not like anyone should ever need an excuse to watch 30 Rock, but stream this one for Stritch tonight. Rest in peace, you feisty gal. [Netflix]

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