The Greatest iPhone Dongle Ever Made

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Well, OK, it’s not the kind of dongle you’d expect. The paperback sticky note is a pad of paper that sticks to the back of your iPhone 6, allowing you to (gasp) use your phone as an actual, real notepad as well as a computer.


If you’re still a fan of jotting things down using a pen once in a while, but you actually do live in the twenty-first century, this is the perfect phone/paper fetishist’s dream. Plus, sticky notes! For some reason I am unable to give up sticky notes, despite giving up on paper for pretty much everything.

You can get a paperback sticky note pad for $8 from Photojojo. No, I don’t know how you keep the paper from getting wrinkly in your pocket or purse. I don’t care, either. Just give me my sticky note phone.

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