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The Greatest, Strangest and most Obscure Cosplay at New York Comic Con

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Holy Female Spider Jerusalem! There was some seriously creative cosplay at New York Comic Con this year. We combed the convention floor, looking for the best of the best, and here it is. Seriously, FEMALE SPIDER JERUSALEM.

Cosplay Deep Cuts

Creature we did not expect to see at New York Comic Con! These are the all-star obscure cosplayers who make us say, "Holy crap, it's Lady Sark and Female Marty McFly!"


Great Damn Cosplay
Just some quality cosplay right here.

The Avengers Cosplay!
We assembled all the Avengers we could find at the NYCC. And Captain America dominated.


Images from Kelly Faircloth, Kaila Hale-Stern and Meredith Woerner.