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The greatest supervillains don't team up...they incorporate

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forget the Legion of Doom or the Evil League of Evil. The employees and shareholders of Evil Inc. know that the vilest supervillain organization is the corporation, where they can pull off dastardly deeds in full compliance with the law.

Evil Inc. is the brainchild of Brad Guigar, who's also known for the webcomics Greystone Inn and Phables. With Evil Inc., Guigar takes his newspaper strip style and mixes in his love for superhero comics, criticisms of corporate America, and so many puns you'll go hoarse from all the groaning.


Evil Inc. is your typical amoral conglomerate, crafting plots and products for the supervillain set. Appropriately, all of the firm's employee are evil; the CEO is Evil Atom, a supervillain who's gone a bit doughy since his prime, but still knows when to spring a good trapdoor; the R&D department is staffed by mad scientists; even the receptionist — Lightning Lady, the recovering villainess of Greystone Inn — sports spandex. It faces the same challenges any company does: budgetary concerns, neutralizing pesky do-gooders, managing interns, and spinning the occasional kidnapping.


Guigar works in a classic four-panel format, one that's well-suited to his gags about life at a company that's upfront about being evil. It's also perfect for the strips where Lightning Lady fields customer service calls from various supervillains — strips that inevitably end with atrociously wicked wordplay. But there's more going on with the comic. Miss Match, one of the company's Plots and Schemes employees, is secretly married to Captain Heroic, a perpetual thorn in Evil Inc.'s side. There are, of course, the plots where the pair must scramble to hide their secret relationship, but it's also an interesting exploration of the decisions and compromises couples must make. Captain Heroic is a stay-at-home dad because, while crimefighting doesn't pay, Evil Inc. offers a steady paycheck. And who looks after their young son Oscar when evil threatens the city? Evil Inc. Daycare, of course, where he hangs with the next generation of evil schemesters.


The real key to Evil Inc. is the sense of fun that runs through all aspects of the comic. Yes, Guigar spends a lot of time lambasting cubicle farms and corporate policy (and his "Gary the Graphic Artist" strips must have been wonderfully cathartic to write), but at heart he's a great fan of the superhero genre, and that love smartly shines through. All manner of DC and Marvel characters get shout-outs and cameos, and Guigar plays with genre tropes from parallel dimensions to secret identities to disembodied brains.

Of course, it's always fun to watch how Guigar spins these comic book conventions for Evil Inc.'s financial gain.


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