The Greenest Supercomputer On the Planet

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This is the Grape-DR, a supercomputer housed in the Department of Information Science at the University of Tokyo. It has 64 Intel Core i7-920 processors and an accelerator chip that can achieve 200 gigaflops with a lightbulb's worth of power.


The Grape-DR topped the Little Green500 List of energy-efficient supercomputers, achieving 815.43 MFLOPS per Watt compared to IBM's second place machine, located in Germany, capable of 773.38 MFLOPS per Watt. Only 775 megaflops per Watt? How embarrassing.

The Grape-DR supercomputer, which in addition to be the greenest is apparently also the messiest, pairs its 64 Core i7 processors with four Grape-DR accelerator chips, each of which consumes only 50 Watts of power. All together the chips improve the efficiency of the supercomputer five fold.

But being the greenest does not mean fastest—the Grape-DR's peak performance is 23.4 TFLOPS, putting it just shy of 500th place on the Top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers. That's OK, Grape-DR, you're number 1 in Mother Nature's heart. [TechOn via Technabob]



All of you people out there who find it necessary to make negative comments about the cables and wires obviously have never been in or actually worked inside a real data center before.

Of course it's easy to have everything look neat (and pretty) when you're building or starting from scratch. You obviously can't seem to understand that neat does not always mean efficiency, especially when you're constantly replacing various servers and routers.. it's time consuming and a hassle to try to always keep everything perfectly rolled up... perfectly tied into equal and uniformed loops, ect..

Some "crazy dude" made a comment about if someone reported to him with that cluster of wiring that he would no longer have a job. Well, I hate to break it to you.. but I don't think any real large data center would hire someone like you who would rather waste time on insignificant things like making wiring look pretty instead of getting actual work done and being productive.

And I can imagine how the users would feel when you tell them the manager ordered all the servers offline again this week because the wiring doesn't look pretty enough for him... Get real...