The Hal 9000 of Grills Tells You When It's Time to Flip the Meat

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No one likes a backseat griller, especially if you've spent years perfecting your bbq craft. But for those starting out, a little coaching can help avoid turning steak into charcoal. And Lynx's voice-activated Smart Grill will actually ask you what's going on the barbie so it can then recommend the perfect setting, placement, and grill times—no fathers-in-law required.


The secret to the grill's know-how is that it actually connects to your home's Wi-Fi network, giving it access to a database of recipes and cooktimes. So if you tell it you're having steak for dinner, it will automatically preheat the burners itself, and tell you exactly where to place the cuts of meat on the grill for optimal searage.

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The Lynx Smart Grill will also keep a griller posted on the status of dinner via voice prompts, text messages, or the use of an accompanying app. So if you're throwing a party, you can mingle with guests instead of hovering over the grill like a helicopter parent. And if you do get distracted and miss all of those cues, the grill will automatically shut itself off to help prevent your food from burning—although residual heat might mean things get a little overdone.

Lynx is hoping to get its Smart Grill to the market sometime in 2015, and while it certainly won't be cheap, if it means you never scorch an expensive cut of meat again, it could be an essential addition for any backyard chef. [Lynx via Gizmag]

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Seriously. If there's one device that absolutely doesn't need voice recognition, it's a damn grill.

Grill: "What are you cooking?"

You: "Chicken"

Grill: "Calling Richard Hammond."