The Harley-Davidson Chair Goes Vroom Vroom

Illustration for article titled The Harley-Davidson Chair Goes Vroom Vroom

You've never watched TV until you've watched it from a chair sporting a tailpipe and flame paint.


This car motorcycle chair, $6,950, is the custom work of First Impressions. You might not know the company, but they've created the custom home theaters of celebrities like Don Johnson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Michael Winslow and Vanilla Ice—to name a few.

They're also responsible for the home theaters in both Graceland and Neverland.

More than an average La-Z-Boy, this bad boy features headlights, taillights, sideview mirrors and flames. But the best part? When you kick out the footrest, speakers in the chair go vroom for like 10 seconds. It's immeasurably manly.

If one chair isn't enough, they'll build your fantasy theme home theater from nothing but your and their imaginations, starting at $150,000. [First Impressions]


godwhacker, your incandescent leader!

it's not a car chair. it's a fake motorcycle chair. do you even look at the pictures before posting?