The Herman Miller Embody Chair, or Aeron Part II

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Can Man place a pricetag on the comfort of his rump? Yes. Yes he can. And the Embody chair—the sequel to the iconic, $1.5 billion grossing Aeron chair by Herman Miller—is probably way, way too good for your posterior at its $1,600 asking price. But that doesn't mean you can't gawk for a while.Built from non-toxic and ecologically sustainable materials, the Embody is 96% recyclable. Though its mass appeal, of course, will be comfort. Packing seven different knobs and levers for every kind of adjustment you could desire, the seat is comprised of four layers—the bottom is a series of plastic bands providing suspension, the second is a sheet of coils for support, the third is a system hexagonal rings that shift with your weight and the final layer is a mesh that allows air circulation to keep the sitter cool. The chair makes wild claims, like lowering a user's heart rate and helping oxygenate the blood stream. We can't affirm or deny such points, but we're pretty sure that the Embody is the snazziest looking office chair we've ever seen. And that's good enough for our butts. [Fortune via DVICE]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Pump unlimited coffee through that thing and attach an IV and I'll buy it. Oh, the coffee can't taste like the crud they serve at my work.