The history of movies from 1878 to 2014 in just three minutes

Here's a wide ranging film montage that shows the evolution of film from its conception in 1878 to the whizbang movie trailers of today. It covers over a hundred years of film, with a new movie representing a new year starting from 1920 and on. Made by Scott Ewing, the compilation clip comes quick at you but it's supremely enjoyable to watch.

Ewing writes:

The following montage chronicles the evolution of film from its conception in 1878 by Edward J. Muybridge to the Lumiere brothers in 1895. Georges Melies a trip to the moon in 1902 was a total game changer and from there we go to the first theatrical releases starting in 1920-2014 ... this portion of the montage is chronological.


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Reader's guide for young people: the guy hanging from the clock is Harold Lloyd (1893-1971), one of the great unsung geniuses of film. A contemporary of Chaplin and Keaton, he made some 190 films, both silent and sound. They were very popular, but around 1940 he inexplicably faded from public awareness and his films were all but forgotten. They were rarely shown on television until the '90s when TCM rediscovered them. All of his major films and many of his shorts are now available on DVD.

The iconic clock scene is from one of his best known films, Safety Last from 1923.