The Hobbit Comes With an FAQ Explaining Why It'll Look So Weird

Not every theater will be showing Peter Jackson's The Hobbit in its native 48 frames-per-second. But for those that will, Warner Bros. has created this handy FAQ that explains why the HFR 3D (high frame rate) technology could make the film look like a TV soap opera.

Because nothing guarantees box office success like having to justify a film's look well before it even hits theaters, right?


As we've already explained, films are typically shot at 24 fps which is partly what is responsible fot that 'film look' that sitcoms and soap operas are lacking. Peter Jackson has justified his decision to shoot at the even higher 48 fps to make the 3D seem even more real and to be gentler on the eyes with less strobing and flicker. But early showings already indicate it will take audiences a while to get used to the new format, and if Warner Bros. feels they need to go so far as to educate theaters so they can respond to complaints, it might be a good idea just to stick with a 24 fps showing. [Regal Theaters via First Showing]


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