The iHome iHC5 Gets Reviewed

iLounge got their hands on the soon-to-be-released iHome iHC5. This clock radio has decided to branch out from the iHome's comfortable iPod market, and instead is trying to attract media cellphones. While it does do some interesting things like stream music from your cellphone or PC using Bluetooth, it does have a couple of problems.

Most notably that some cellphones, including the iPhone, don't transmit music over Bluetooth and you will be forced to hardwire your phone. However, even if you're "lucky" enough to have a phone that connects to the iHC5 you'll still have to keep it a good distance away from it unless you enjoy listening to TDMA interference. Although to end on a positive note, the review does say that it is a very capable speaker phone, one that even works with the iPhone, complete with caller ID and a pop out dial-pad. The iHC5 is retailing for $150 and should be available by the end of the month. [iLounge]


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