Origins stars seasoned Australian TV actress Ellie Gall as Catherine, Star Trek: Enterprise alum Connor Trinneer as her father, and Shvan Aladdin and Philip Alexander as new characters Wasif and Beal. Catharine is a fan-favorite Stargate character who is basically responsible for everything the Stargate teams ever accomplished, and any time she appeared on SG-1 it was like your badass grandma had come to visit. She is basically the coolest.


The first two episodes of Origins will be free to watch—episodes 1-3 are up now—but to see the rest you’ll need to purchase an all-access pass for $20 (though it does appear to be region-locked to the United States for the moment). It might seem steep, and it only lasts through May. But it’ll also get you streaming access to all the shows and the two TV movies—and Stargate Command is the only place that has them. Also, Stargate Command has apps for iOS and Android and “Gate Cast” so you can stream the video to your smart TV.

Is it worth it?

Well, that mainly depends on if you like what you’ve read in this guide. But I will say the strength of Stargate, in all of its myriad forms, has always been its characters—and its sense of adventure. Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Ronon Dex, Teal’c, and the rest are characters you’ll actually want to spend 17 seasons watching. And with the exception of Universe, which wasn’t bad as much as it was different, the Stargate franchise is pure fun, and entertaining as hell, too. Getting 300-plus episodes of scifi comfort food for $20 definitely isn’t the worst deal in the universe.