The iPad 2 is as Powerful as a Supercomputer from the '80s

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Technology. An ever-changing beast! So much so, that the sinfully thin iPad 2 packs the same power as the jumbo-sized four-processor version of the Cray 2, a supercomputer, which was the world's faster computer in 1985.


But duh! 1985 was a helluva long time ago, it's sorta expected that we'd be moving at that pace. But what is really amazing is that we've shrunk the power of a supercomputer that was, according to the NY Times, "about the size of a large washing machine" and "cooled by immersion in a liquid called Flourinert that had been developed by 3M, and that was occasionally used as a human blood substitute during surgery" into something no bigger than a paper pad.

And they've only benchmarked one core of the iPad 2, when they test both, they expect the iPad 2 to rival the supercomputers through 1994. [NY Times Bits]

Image Credit: Cray Supercomputers


We put a man on the moon with the computing power of today's wristwatch.

So, what great feat have we done with all the advanced computing power of today?

Oh yea, spam is more reliable and p0rn downloads faster.

Sorry guys - you have a long way to surpassing the Greatest Generation.