The iPad Is Coming, and So Are iPad Posts. Here's How to Skip 'Em

Illustration for article titled The iPad Is Coming, and So Are iPad Posts. Heres How to Skip Em

It's iPad week! Like it or not, this is gonna be the biggest story of the next few days. If you'd prefer to not see iPad or Apple posts, here's how:

We use tags to categorize our posts, as you can see over there on the right where it says "read more." If you want to skip anything, be it iPad or Apple or NSFW, just use this URL:

This works for RSS feeds as well, if you want to make this decision a bit more permanent.

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And miss all the maniacal Apple, Windows, and Google fanboys lose their minds over the next few days?

And miss all the idiotically approved troll posts, probably approved by the same few commenters who just don't know how to not click that stupid check box?

And miss the banhammer undoubtedly getting dropped?

I have to say Frucci that would make this week much more boring. Any commenter saying they want to avoid all that insanity is just lying to sound like a sane person who doesn't like inane debates about ultimately trivial consumer products.

Deep down inside anyone who bothers to post more than a few comments here loves the hyperbolic insanity that we all know is to come. God help us all for being that way, but don't deny that it isn't entertaining.