The iPhone 5 Is More Powerful than the Fastest PowerBook Ever Made

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We've come a long way, guys. In 2005, the best possible laptop you could buy from Apple scored around 1,000 on Geekbench, a popular performance testing program. The newest iPhone 5—a phone—demolishes that number.


The 17-inch PowerBook, the last of the line that preceded the current MacBook lineage, weighed in at 7 pounds, a full inch thick, and ran at least $2,500. The iPhone 5 is less than a third of an inch thick and weighs 112 grams. And as Gruber points out, its Geekbench numbers are already hitting the web, and its A6 chip delivers a score of 1,600. It also costs less than a tenth of what a flagship PowerBook would hit you back then. It's a synthetic benchmark, sure, but there's nothing artificial about the fact that we now walk with computers in our pockets that once filled desktops. Sci fi stuff. [Mac Rumors via Daring Fireball]

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It doesn't cost less than a tenth. It's subsidized to less than a tenth if you buy a cell phone plan. And, quite honestly, this story doesn't lose much in the amazement factor if you note that it costs more like a quarter or a fifth (unlocked, unsubsidized) of what a top of the line powerbook cost in 2005. That's still nuts.