The iPhone 5 Packs LTE: It'll Be Fast as Hell

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Yep, as pretty-much-confirmed this morning, the newest iPhone will be able to ride the fastest cellular data out there, meaning web, streaming video, and all of your downloads will be ten times as speedy—with 8 hours of battery.

LTE access will be available on all three major US carriers (and others across Europe and Canada), though AT&T and Verizon's coverage currently dwarfs Sprint's. On the other hand, AT&T and Verizon's current data packages are as unsatisfying as ever, and you're sure to burn through your quota even sooner now. But! This is a great leap forward for the iPhone, bringing it into the forefront of mobile speed, where its Android and even Windows Phone peers have been racing around for some time now.

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Cue up the Android fanboys and their "OMFG Billy we've had LTE for like eleventy billion years already" comments. I'm sure they're typing this on their freshly updated phone that crashed 8 times this morning.