iPhone 5C Teardown: An iPhone 5 Wrapped in Plastic

Illustration for article titled iPhone 5C Teardown: An iPhone 5 Wrapped in Plastic

The ace team at iFixit has already gutted Apple's new iPhone 5S, and now they've taken a look inside the 5C, too. So what, exactly, lurks beneath that colorful plastic shell?


Here are some of the highlights from iFixit's analysis:

  • Despite being essentially a repackaged iPhone 5, the battery is beefed up a bit, clocking in at 3.8 V—5.73 Wh—1510 mAh, compared to 3.8 V—5.45 Wh—1440 mAh
  • Despite the inclusion of the fingerprint sensor on the 5S, the 5C's display unit is still heavier
  • The rear-facing camera on the the 5C is practically the same as the 5S's: the one difference is the aperture, which is f/2.4 on the 5C and f/2.2 on the 5S
  • The plastic case is strong—and virtually impossible to bend
  • But, interestingly, the rear case is much heavier—at 43.8 g compared to 25.9 g—than the 5S. That's because more plastic is needed to match the strength of the aluminum

Overall, the phone scored a 6 out of 10 in terms of repairability: the battery is fairly accessible and the screen is easy (enough) to remove, but there's plenty of adhesive in there and the design isn't as modular as it could be. So, on balance, kinda par for the course. [iFixit]