If you're getting tired of seeing the purported guts of the iPhone 5, we feel for you. But it's like following a cookie crumb trail that might, possibly, hopefully lead us to some real semblance of information about the next iPhone. Or at least help us connect the dots. Case in point: here's the rumored iPhone 5 battery. It's taller and bigger.

Why does it matter that this leaked iPhone 5 battery is taller? Well, all the leaked cases of the iPhone 5 have so far shown an iPhone that's taller than its predecessor. And if the iPhone 5 really is taller, the iPhone 5 would theoretically have more room for its internals which means more room for a battery which mean more room for a TALLER battery which means more legitimacy in the rumored taller iPhone 5 design. Full circle and all that. Not to mention that a bigger battery could power all the 4G action the iPhone 5 will supposedly/probably have. Those faster 4G speeds suck batteries dry, a bigger battery would obviously help battery life in the iPhone 5.


iResq, the guys who've had their hands in leaked parts before, says the battery for the iPhone 5 is 3.8V/5.45Whr while the iPhone 4S is 3.7V/5.3Whr. The battery is nearly half an inch taller than the 4S battery but also thinner (which fits along with the iPhone 5 being a smidge thinner than the 4S). So how does the battery fit within the leaked iPhone 5 case? Perfectly. How convenient! Take a look:


So again, leaked internal parts fitting perfectly into the leaked iPhone case might very well mean the rumored two-tone, elongated body is very real. Or a very, very excellent fake. [iResq via MacRumors]

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