The iPod Classic, On Life Support

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The new iPod lineup has been announced—fresh and awesome new nanos, touches and shuffles—but nary a word about the iPod classic.


Goodbye, old friend. It was your time. Update: It is still for sale, though, $250 for 160GB. But it's as good as dead if they're not updating it. So, we'll call it life support. Maybe, like with the AppleTV, the future of Apple devices is clouded gadgets with zero-GB.

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To follow up, I disagree completely that lacking updates makes it as good as dead. Personally? I wish that Apple kept the 5G iPod's interface, with maybe just a slight smoothing out of its aesthetic, without the stupid split screen and having to queue up the hard drive to load up panning thumbnails. It's a silly design and is actually an encumbrance. The 5.5G iPod was a solid, no-nonsense device that was speedy to navigate.

With that in mind, Apple should have considered taking a page out of Zune's book, and throwing users hoping to upgrade to a newer classic a bone. They could've easily gotten some WiFi in there. Whatever argument people have against this doesn't matter. Things like Airplay could've been completely universal, and it would not have been some drastic impact on the design, save for maybe a plastic antenna patch on the backplate. Maybe a better processor for a smoother interface. Something.