The Kind Of Guy Who Deserves To Be Eaten By Giant Mosquitoes

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Every cheesy monster movie needs a scene where some asswipe is killed by the monster and you cheer. But 1990s flick Skeeter takes asswipery to a whole new level.

First we see this dude driving his car all around in the desert, listening to bad rock and whooping it up. We know he's doomed when one of the smaller super-powered mosquitoes slams into his windshield, and all he can do is kind of poke at it and make more woo woo noises. But then things take a turn for the seriously demented when we find out that he's been driving around with his girlfriend in the trunk of his car. Not only that, but she doesn't really seem to mind. In fact the only thing she's really bummed about is that he isn't having sex with her. So she starts making out with him, and trying to get him to "finish what he starts" when things start heating up.

So what does this dumb ass do? He dumps her back in the trunk! WTF, people? This guy is serious mosquito meat. Leaving his horny girlfriend in the trunk, he goes off to "clean the worm" or something like that. Cue mosquito cam! Which for some reason is yellow. I love the scene where the mosquitoes dive bomb the asswipe.

As you may have guessed, neither of these people is a main character in this fine movie about how an impossibly evil corporate bad guy is dumping toxic waste in an all old mine. For some reason the bad guy wants to build a housing development in the middle of the desert, and this means clearing away a bunch of toxic muck. Which in turn leads to a bunch of mega-sized mosquitoes, and, well, you know the drill…


Skeeter via B-Movie Review