The Kisai Zone Tells the Time in Hexagons

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Tokyo Flash, the Japanese watchmaker which loves to make hard-to-read timepieces, has just launched its latest model: the Zone, which tells the time in hexagons.


In fact, this time round it's actually not too difficult to read the display, which can't be said for many of its watches. If you're stuck when it comes to the image above, though, watch the video: moving numbers make it a little easier to work out exactly what's going on.


The Zone's stainless steel strap and body comes in silver and black, with blue, green, purple or black options for the LCD face. It's available now—for two days at least—for $99. After that it will cost $139. [Tokyo Flash]

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I honestly wonder how many people today could read an analog clock let alone this one which actually reminds me of this: