The Largest Legoland Water Park Ever Will Have 50 Million Bricks

Ever been to Legoland, man? Ever been to Legoland on waterslides? Visitors to Legoland Malaysia will soon be able to, once the largest such waterpark on Earth opens in mid-October.


Spanning more than three million square feet, the new water park consists of more than 50 million individual bricks throughout its 70 display models and 40 rides, shows, and attractions. It's located in Iskandar, about 50 km outside of Singapore, and will feature a unique attraction in its Build-a-Raft-River wherein you construct a seaworthy raft from oversized LEGO blocks.


The park is nearly complete and slated to open October 21st, with a Legoland Hotel joining it in 2014. This is, of course, in addition to the actual Legoland Malaysia theme park right next door (think Disneyland vs Disneyland's California Adventure). Visitors will be able to buy tickets to each facility individually or a combo ticket for both. [CNN via Inhabitat - Images: Legoland Malaysia Water Park]

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