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The Latest Deadly Class Trailer Makes the Show Seem Like a Slightly More Murderous Riverdale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Judging from what we’ve seen of the Russo Brothers’ upcoming adaptation of Image’s Deadly Class for Syfy, the series is going to be fairly in-line with the comics’ ultra violent tone. But the latest trailer for the show suggests that the creative team understands the importance of keeping things at least a little lighthearted.

The students attending King’s Dominion are all studying to become the next generation of deadly assassins and organized criminals, but when they aren’t practicing how to kill one another, they’re still kids, which is to say they’re a bunch of impulsive, irresponsible teens just oozing hormones. It’s like one of the school’s administrators points out: The students are a bunch of savages with dicks on the brain.

When Deadly Class premieres January 16, it’ll be interesting to see whether the show leads with larger-than-life elements drawn from the source material—or if this is just going to be a riff on Riverdale’s notoriously horny teens only, you know, slightly more murderous.


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