Oh my. Lego has announced a new Star Wars set, and it's a beauty - a brand new 'Ultimate Collector Series' version of Boba Fett's infamous ship Slave I. You might as well just open your wallet right now, honestly.

This is the first rendition of the Fett Family's preferred method of transport since 2010, and surprisingly only the fifth time Lego have tackled recreating the ship (considering the amount of do-overs there's been in the Lego Star Wars line, that shows a surprising level of restraint) as a big set, but as you can see, there's been a definite improvement on the build - unsurprising, as this new one is made of almost quadruple the number of bricks, clocking in at 1,996 in total.

The new set also comes with 4 minifigures - Boba himself, Han Solo (as he's seen in The Empire Strikes Back just before he's frozen), a Bespin Guard and a Stormtrooper. At least Lego have the decency not to count the also included Han in Carbonite slab as a minifigure too. All this loveliness however, as is the usual with Lego these days, comes with a cost - and it's a humdinger of one too, coming in at $199.99/£169.99.


If you're willing to part with that much cash for this pretty pile of Lego bricks, the Slave I will go on sale from January 1st, 2015. Better start saving up.

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