Day after day, things keep getting worse for Sony. In the most recent leak, as well as extortion emails, there was a whole treasure trove of private information that's now freely available online.

Fusion has sifted through the latest dump of Sony Pictures data and found an awful lot of loot. In particular there are:

  • Personal details for 40,000 Sony Pictures ex-employees including home addresses, salaries and social security numbers.
  • Actor phone numbers and traveling aliases.
  • Unreleased scripts for Mall Cop: Blart 2, Goosebumps, The Wedding Ringer, and Seth Rogen's upcoming comedy Sausage Party.
  • Thousands of vendor contracts for everything from boat rentals to dog performances.
  • Popularity polls of Sony Pictures actors revealing where they are and are not famous (see below).
  • Legal claims against Sony Pictures.

And plenty more, too. All told, it puts Sony Pictures in a pretty difficult position: not only is it having to deal with the painful experience of being hacked, but it's also seriously pissing off its employees and actors along the way. Things were already a mess, and they only seems to be getting messier. [WSJ, Engadget, Fusion]


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