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The Latest Super Sentai Mechs Are Getting Wonderful Toys

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The latest in the long line of Super Sentai series, Shuriken Sentai Ninningers, made its début in Japan this week, and Bandai are celebrating with some fantastic toys of the mechs from the series - including these new 'artisan' versions of the new mechs.

The new figure in the Artisan DX line of Sentai mechs is the Shinobimaru, the personal mech suit of the Aka Ninninger, which... basically looks like a giant robot dude already? That's cheating, Sentai. You can't just have a mech dude who combines into another mech dude.


The new Shinobimaru will be compatible with the other mechs released as part of the Artisan DX Shurikenjin (if you've not guessed yet, the theme for this new Sentai is 'Ninjas'!), with the Shinobimaru basically sitting in the chest of the complete mech.


Swanky. And yet completely, totally batshit insane! Good job, Super Sentai.

The Shinobimaru will set you back 5378 yen (about $45 before shipping and whatnot) when preorders open tomorrow for a July release. You can see a bit more of it over on Bandai's website.

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