The Least Uncomfortable Way To Sit On a Cactus

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I'm not saying that sitting on this uber-designy glass chair is going to be all that comfortable, but it's gotta be a hell of a lot more comfortable than just sitting your ass down on a cactus.

Says designer Deger Cengiz:

Cactus Chair is an experimentation to investigate the effect of visual data to the user's experience. The existence of the Barrel Cactus gives a temporary discomfort, even though the user knows that the cactus behind the glass is not a real threat.


Not a real threat, that is, until you crash through your plate glass butt-cushion. Or until you're rooting around for the change that fell in that cushion's cracks. In any event, those who want to be on the prickling-edge of interior design can purchase this succulent Succulent chair for $3000. [Voos Furniture via Design Boom]