The Lego Version of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Proves All Movies Should Be Lego-fied

The Lego Batman Movie made enough at the box office to ensure that won’t be the last superhero to get the Lego Hollywood treatment. YouTube’s Huxley Berg Studios makes a strong case for the Guardians of the Galaxy to be next, but also for every movie to be turned into two hours of talking plastic bricks.


Unlike the Lego movies, which use photo-realistic computer graphics to make it look like the characters and other Lego set pieces were built and animated by hand, Huxley Berg Studios uses traditional stop-motion and photography techniques. The process is painstaking, but the results are charming—and a lot cheaper when you’re not working with a Hollywood-caliber budget.

[YouTube via Brick Fanatics]



I am horrified and titalated at the prospect of “Lego Schindler’s List”