The Man Who Makes Movie Posters Into Modern Art

Drew Struzan is a movie poster master. If you have seen a film—any film—considered to be a classic in the last three decades or so, chances are good that he painted the art that made you excited to hit the theater. Star Wars! Indy! The Goonies! E.T.! Muppets! Police Academy! All those and lots, lots more.


Drew: The Man Behind the Poster is a documentary that came out last year and it is wonderful.

From the lean times when he gave up eating to spend money on painting instead, to a studio job and regular gigs designing album covers for everyone from Black Sabbath to Alice Cooper, to his eventual place as the dude to illustrate your big screen story, the ups and downs in Struzan's life—bad business deals and a childhood devoid of support—were mitigated by a lovely partnership with his wife, and the passion he has for his art.


The doc is bolstered by a who's-who of creative talking heads, but part of the fun is just seeing all the stuff that Struzan's done over the years; this man has had a literal hand in crafting some of the most poignant, exciting, romantic, and hilarious cinematic memories in history. It's clear he adores what he does, which is great because he is so freaking good at it. Plus, he seems so genuinely nice; a true behind-the-scenes hero. [Netflix]

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I stumbled upon this last year and it was really fascinating and a great documentary! I can't believe that he almost lost all of his art to some crook, thank goodness he was able to get it back.