Illustration for article titled The Many Advantages of a $400,000 Cellphone-Equipped Gold Coffin

At first blush, you might look at this $381,000 gold coffin that comes with a cellphone and think: what a hopelessly tacky waste of money. You'd be so wrong. Here's just a few benefits:

• Get back at ne'er-do-well next of kin by blowing $381,000 of their inheritance money on a coffin.
• Make outgoing calls in case of accidental burial (hope it's Verizon).
• Gold gives your pallbearers a much better workout than mahogany, or a pile of ashes.
• GPS-equipped phone makes tracking down grave robbers a cinch.
• Be the envy of your fellow undead during the inevitable zombie uprising.


See? Now don't everyone rush out to get one. I'm sure there are plenty enough to go around. [France24 via Born Rich]


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