The Many Faces Of Adam Baldwin On Chuck

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Celebrate Chuck's miraculous return on Sunday, by watching Adam Baldwin showcase his many facial expressions as superspy Casey, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan. And check out Baldwin's tutorial on how to be a spy, below.

Baldwin and his amazing comic timing are among the main reasons we're excited to see Chuck come back. If we can't have Jayne butting heads with Mal every week, Casey dealing with life at the Buy More is the next best thing. Here's Casey's tutorial on how to be a deadly spy, from the season two DVD box set:

According to Ryan's article, we'll learn more about Casey's background and how he became a spy in the tenth episode of the third season, "Chuck Vs. The Tic Tac." It turns out that Casey has some huge, huge secrets, and we'll see them uncovered. More, including Baldwin's insights on why the Buy More disturbs Casey quite so much, at the link. [Chicago Tribune]