The Millennium Falcon's younger brother

My first thought was, "What's wrong with that Millenium Falcon?" This isn't the YT-1300 light freighter that most Star Wars fans are familiar with, this model by Davor is of the YV-545 which was designed by Corellian Engineering Corporation to replace the ship design we all know as the Falcon.


Sturdier, more maneuverable and just as fast as the YT, by design the YV is the better ship. Unfortunately, sales were never as high as the beloved YT; Maybe because it just looks sort of weird with its even more exaggerated asymmetric shape.

This model is pretty awesome though, coming in somewhere around 3,700 elements and 20" wide, 26.6" long and 6.3" tall. It looks like a super fun build and would go nicely right next to its older brother.


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