If you've got some time on your hands and never really liked your MacBook anyway, then you should think about dying it. Not only will it ruin your laptop's iconic design, it also takes hours to do.

Over at Brain Deadlock, there's a comprehensive step-by-step guide which shows you exactly how to dye your MacBook any color. After all, why leave it to the so-called experts Colorware — who can provide you with a primary-colored MacBook Air, Nook or Nintendo DS given some dollar — when you can do it in your own kitchen?


The process isn't for the faint-hearted: it involves sanding down your computer, boiling up three boxes of your favorite RIT fabric dye on top of your stove, and presumably getting high on fumes along the way. Even then, you can't dye the entire thing, so you keyboard and battery section will remain their original color.

Still, it's a project to occupy some time, I guess. But, even though it's this year's color according to Pantone, why the hell choose orange, of all colors? [Brain Deadlock]

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