The Most Powerful Desktop PC-Sized Supercomputer

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Six NVIDIA GTX295 dual-GPU cards and one GTX275 single-GPU card add up to a "massive 12TFLOPS of computing power," and they fit into the Fastra II's desktop computer-sized case making it smaller and more powerful than the first Fastra supercomputer.

Coming out of the Vision Lab at the University of Antwerp, the FASTRA II is based on gaming hardware and designed with tomography, "a technique used in medical scanners to create three-dimensional images of the internal organs of patients," in mind. The Vision Lab team began building the FASTRA and the FASTRA II because tomographical image reconstruction can take up to weeks on an ordinary computer, but in the end they produced this reasonably small 6000 Euro supercomputer. Not too shabby for something that was mainly intended to reduce their processing times. [FastraThanks, Kjoost!]