The Most Realistic, Expensive Way to Play Pokémon Go

If there’s one thing Pokémon Go is missing (besides functioning servers, trading, battling, a tutorial, serious nerfs to Vaporeon’s stats, a clear indication of the rules surrounding gym battles, and easier ways to acquire Stardust) it’s a bespoke Pokéball-throwing experience that’s indistinguishable from hate-lobbing a phone into the pavement. Well, scratch that one off the to-do list.


The Useless Duck Company—who have previously made chainsaw toilet paper dispensers and door locks that definitely aren’t for masturbating—claim to have hacked the accelerometer in a Nexus smartphone. Now any kind of forward motion translates to an in-game throw. What could go wrong?


It works like a charm.

Just think of all the eggs you’ll hatch walking to the nearest Verizon multiple times a day.


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