The most unusual sexual fetish also has the most ridiculous special effects [NSFW]

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A woman is shrunk to the size of a doll to punish her for "unsanctioned fornication," in this fantastic clip from the movie Cinderella 2000. It's the year 2047 — yes, even though the movie has 2000 in the title — and sexual activity is strictly regulated by the government. Have sex with the wrong person, and you're turned into a tiny doll for six months. Warning: clip is NSFW!

What I love about the above scene is that the effects are so incredibly cheesy, they actually transcend notions of good and bad. The woman is "shrunk" by turning the camera off and panning outwards. And then she's clearly a naked Barbie doll in the technician's hand — except when we go to the closeup, when she's suddenly the real actress, with a man's hand superimposed. This is probably as good as the effects get in this movie.

My favorite part of Cinderella 2000 is probably the "fornication without sanction" robot, who goes around yelling at people for having unauthorized sex. Here's a snippet where he walks in on a couple who've just finished screwing, only to be told he's too late. This information disturbs him so much, he does a little robot dance while shouting about fornication.

And later, the robot has a dance number, which starts out as a Country Western song about how lonesome it is to be a sexless robot, and then it turns into a disco number, with five robots doing synchronized dance moves. I've cued up the video at left to the correct place, but it's at about 43:50 in case you get lost.


And yes, Cinderella 2000 is on YouTube in its entirety, but it's missing almost all of the naughtiness. (Not that it's not worth watching in either case — the insane scenes of people dancing around in animal costumes must be seen to be believed. And this could be the wacky disco dystopia you've been waiting for.)

The film actually is a retelling of the Cinderella story, except that a Fairy Godfather appears and decides to teach Cinderella about sex. He does this by showing her animals having sex, and then turning the animals into weird animal people in leotards, who keep having sex. And dancing. (Yes, this is a movie made for furries/plushies as well as shrinkies.) By the end of the movie, not surprisingly, everybody has become sexually liberated — even the wicked stepmother, who gets so horny at one point during the film, she tries to have sex with a potted plant.

Here's the final musical number in which everybody — dystopian security guards, robots, and people in animal costumes — dance around and celebrate sexual liberation:

For more about this insane movie, check out the link. [via Dangerous Minds]