The Most Useful Multitool Your Electronics Have Ever Seen

Forget your SOG, your Leatherman, your Gerber, your Victorinox, even your Wenger. You can fill them with every known tool and accessory under the sun, but they'll never come close to being as useful as this USB charging multitool is in this day of mobile electronics.

Available from FredFlare for a mere $20, this brilliant tool guarantees you've always got the right charging cable with flip-out USB, mini USB, and micro USB connectors. It's even got a flip-out arm with the old-school 30-pin dock connector, for those rocking older Apple hardware. So while not quite perfect for anyone with an iPhone 5 or the latest generation iPads needing a Lightning connector, for everyone else this multi-tool is a definite must-have accessory.


[FredFlare via Chip Chick]

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