The Most Popular Websites in the World, Country-by-Country

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If you've ever wondered what the go-to web page was around the rest of planet, wonder no longer. This map shows the most visited websites around the world, broken down country-by-country.


Assembled by Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata for Information Geographies, the map—based on Alexa data—depicts countries sized by Internet population. Perhaps understandably, there aren't too many surprises across the Americas and Europe: Facebook and Google win big. But, as the pair explain, look further afield and things get interesting:

The situation is more complex in Asia, as local competitors have been able to resist the two large American empires. Baidu is well known as the most used search engine in China, which is currently home to the world’s largest Internet population at over half a billion users. At the same time, we see a puzzling fact that Baidu is also listed as the most visited website in South Korea (ahead of the popular South Korean search engine, Naver). We speculate that the raw data that we are using here are skewed. However, we may also be seeing the Baidu empire in the process of expanding beyond its traditional home territory.

The remaining territories that have escaped being subsumed into the two big empires include Yahoo! Japan in Japan (in join venture with SoftBank) and Yahoo! in Taiwan (after the acquisition of Wretch). The Al-Watan Voice newspaper is the most visited website in the Palestinian Territories, the e-mail service is the most visited in Kazakhstan, the social network VK the most visited in Belarus, and the search engine Yandex the most visited in Russia.

The growth of Baidu, in particular, is interesting. Maybe Google better watch out. [OII via Flowing Data]



Japan - Yahoo. What the hell? I thought Japan was ahead of the curve. Why are they still using this faded service?