The Mr. Robot Pilot Was So Popular They Renewed the Show Before It Aired

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The pilot for the new hacker drama Mr. Robot was officially posted online a month ahead of the TV series premiere (which was last night on USA) and netizens have spoken: Mr. Robot is so popular, the cable network ordered season 2 before the first episode had hit airwaves.

The pilot was watched by 2.6 million viewers in the last few weeks across digital platforms like YouTube and Hulu, the network said in a press release before last night’s premiere. And based on the comments on my writeup on the show yesterday, the show’s a hit with Gizmodo readers too. If you haven’t caught it yet, you can watch the pilot here.

Mr. Robot follows a disillusioned dude who’s recruited to use his dangerously genius hacking powers to bring down the evil corporation he works for. The show’s being praised for its accurate portrayal of hacking, a real rarity in Hollywood.


Pilots are, of course, always used as barometers for viewer interest in a new show. But it’s unusual to see a cable channel decide to release an episode of an upcoming show online weeks ahead of its proper premiere on “real” TV. This announcement adds at least 10 episodes to the existing 10 episodes in store for season one.

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The show premiered on TV yesterday. They annonced the renewal today. Makes your heading false, unless I am missing something.